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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Couch to 5K !

Ok, I think I want to run again. Because of an illness and the $100,000 brain episode, I have either not been able to run or scared to run. Jamy and Judy have been walking/running the 5K's in Caribou County for a few years. The last time I walked with them, I was about the last one over the finish line. I did not feel good. Well, here I come 5K. I am trying to download the "couch to 5K program on an mp3 player but having issues with computer. Ronda took Melissa's old Ipod to Pocatello to get a new battery put in it. Hopefully it will work and I can get the program. It is a Podcast that has everything you need to run a 5K in 7,8, or 9 weeks time. We'll see! Go to to check out the program! Here is my before picture at my heaviest.

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