Lukas,Axton holding Ruger and Gracee!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ricks Surprise 50th Harley Ride

Rick was so surprised. He thought he was playing in a Golf tourney with the Marshall Brothers. We get there and they hand him a Harley B.D. card ~ still didn't get it ~ then they give us each a Harley T-Shirt ~ Still doesn't get it! Tammy had to tell him, and until he walked outside and saw the bikes and Jim handed him his chaps, I still don't think he thought it was real! What a blast! We went from Rock Springs around Flaming Gorge and back to Rock Springs on the other side of the Gorge through Manilla. Beautiful! We got rained on just a little. We only had a few LITTLE minor oops. We had to make a u-turn~not the easiest thing on a big Harley ~ the guys were all laughing and Rick was looking off at something else in Vernal and looked up and the light had turned yellow, instead of going on through ~ he panicks and locks em up. It brought me right up off the seat and I slammed into his back standing up. It was pretty funny. Al was behind us and saw the whole thing! Rick just shrugged his shoulders and on we went!